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Matthew Kohrman

Profile Photo of Matthew Kohrman

Matthew Kohrman

Senior Fellow, by courtesy, at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
Ph.D. Harvard, 1999
Research Interests: 
Medical anthropology, governmentality, illness experience, gender, China.


Matthew Kohrman’s research and writing bring anthropological methods to bear on the ways health, culture, and politics are interrelated. Focusing on the People's Republic of China, he engages various intellectual terrains such as governmentality, gender theory, political economy, critical science studies, narrativity, and embodiment. His first monograph, Bodies of Difference: Experiences of Disability and Institutional Advocacy in the Making of Modern China, raises questions about how embodied aspects of human existence, such as our gender, such as our ability to propel ourselves through space as walkers, cyclists and workers, become founts for the building of new state apparatuses of social provision, in particular, disability-advocacy organizations. Over the last decade, Prof. Kohrman has been involved in research aimed at analyzing and intervening in the biopolitics of cigarette smoking among Chinese citizens. This work, as seen in his recently edited volume--Poisonous Pandas: Chinese Cigarette Manufacturing in Critical Historical Perspectives--expands upon heuristic themes of his earlier disability research and engages in novel ways techniques of public health, political philosophy, and spatial history. More recently, he has begun projects linking ongoing interests at the intersection of phenomenology and political economy with questions regarding environmental attunement and the arts.

Office Hours:
Let's Zoom together! Monday afternoon 1:00 to 3:00. Schedule an office hours visit by clicking HERE.

Health Advocacy Projects:
Stanford's Center for Innovation in Global Health
Cigarette Citadels - The Map Project
Stanford Asia Health Policy Program

Selected Articles

2021 “Filtered Life: Air Purification, Gender, and Cigarettes in the People’s Republic of China.” Public Culture, vol. 33, issue 2: 161-191.

 2020 “Tobacco Reconsidered: Ongoing Omissions, Original Outlooks in the Slipstreams of Experience, Global Health and Critical Industry Studies.” Co-authored with Peter Benson. Annual Review of Anthropology, vol. 49, A1-A5. 

2020 "Politicize this Pandemic, But Do So Carefully: An Open Letter from Scholars Studying Public Health in China and the U.S.” Matthew Kohrman et al. Published abridged as "Scholars’ Plea: U.S. and China, Work Together on the Pandemic,” Op-ed, New York Times, May 1.

2020 "Unmasking a Gendered Materialism: Air Filtration, Cigarettes, and Domestic Discord in Urban China.” In Can Science and Technology Save China? Utopian Dreams, Dystopian Realities, Susan Greenhalgh and Li Zhang, eds. Cornell University Press.

2018 “The Chinese Cigarette Industry during the “Great Leap Forward.” Huangfu Qiushi and Matthew Kohrman. In Poisonous Pandas.  

2018 “Wrangling the Cash Cow: Reforming Tobacco Taxation since Mao.” Matthew Kohrman et al. In Poisonous Pandas.

2018 ““Filtered” Cigarettes and the Low-Tar Lie in China.” Matthew Kohrman et al. In Poisonous Pandas.

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