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2023-24 Courses for the Medical Humanities Minor

Students should check with individual course directors for eligibility, prerequisites or other enrollment limitations. Classes highlighted in bold would be particularly appropriate; students can also petition to include courses not only the list but pertinent to their project or plan of study.


AFRICAAM 127: Health Impact of Sexual Assault and Relationship Abuse across the Lifecourse (FEMGEN 237, HUMBIO 124, SOMGEN 237)

AFRICAAM 442: (Re)Framing Difference: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Disability, Race and Culture (CSRE 343, EDUC 442, FEMGEN 442, PEDS 242)

AMSTUD 156H: Women and Medicine in US History: Women as Patients, Healers and Doctors (FEMGEN 156H)

ANTHRO 82: Medical Anthropology (ANTHRO 282, HUMBIO 176A)

ANTHRO 111: Archaeology of Gender and Sexuality (ANTHRO 211B, ARCHLGY 129,


ANTHRO 120H: Introduction to the Medical Humanities (DLCL 120, FRENCH 120E, ITALIAN 120)

ANTHRO 131W: Intro to The Illicit Economies of Addiction: Anthropological Perspectives on Drug Use and Policing

ANTHRO 139A: Archaeology & Disability (ANTHRO 239A, ARCHLGY 139, ARCHLGY 239, FEMGEN 139A)

ANTHRO 148: Health, Politics, and Culture of Modern China (ANTHRO 248, CHINA 155A, CHINA 255A)

ANTHRO 186: Culture and Madness: Anthropological and Psychiatric Approaches to Mental Illness (ANTHRO 286, HUMBIO 146, PSYC 286)

ANTHRO 265G: Writing and Voice: Anthropological Telling through Literature and Practices of Expression (CSRE 265G)

ANTHRO 443: Medical Humanities Workshop

ARTSTUDI 139: Portraiture and Facial Anatomy for Artists (SURG 241)

BIO 4N: The Science and Ethics of Personalized Genomic Medicine

CSRE 37Q: Food Justice Now! Power and Politics in the Ways We Eat (EARTHSYS 37Q, SOC 37Q)

CSRE 47: Heartfulness: Mindfulness, Compassion, and Responsibility (LIFE 185)

 COMPLIT 138: Literature and the Brain (COMPLIT 238, ENGLISH 118, ENGLISH 218, FRENCH 118, FRENCH 218, PSYC 126, PSYCH 118F)

 ENGLISH 9CI: Inspired By Science: A Writing Workshop

ENGLISH 90WM: Writing Mystical, Spiritual, and Altered States: A Workshop

ENGLISH 185B: 'In her this brutal monster': Fiction of Mental Illness (FEMGEN 185B)

FAMMED 210: The Healer's Art

FRENCH 328: Literature, Narrative, and the Self (COMPLIT 328, ITALIAN 328)

GERMAN 115: The Queer 20th Century: German LGBTQ Literature and Film (FEMGEN 115A, FEMGEN 215A, GERMAN 215)

HISTORY 40: World History of Science: From Prehistory through the Scientific Revolution

HISTORY 40S: The Mind's Not-So-New Science: Thinking About Thinking in the Modern World

HISTORY 44Q: Gendered Innovations in Science, Medicine, Engineering, and Environment (FEMGEN 44Q)

HUMBIO 3B: Environmental and Health Policy Analysis

HUMBIO 26: Designing Research-Based Interventions to Solve Global Health Problems (AFRICAST 135, AFRICAST 235, EDUC 135, EDUC 335, EPI 235, MED 235)

HUMBIO 27: Traditional Chinese Medicine

HUMBIO 29: Introduction to Global Health

HUMBIO 57: Epidemic Intelligence: How to Identify, Investigate and Interrupt Outbreaks of Disease (EPI 247)

HUMBIO 114: Global Change and Emerging Infectious Disease (EARTHSYS 114, EARTHSYS 214, ESS 213)

HUMBIO 122: Beyond Health Care: the effects of social policies on health (PEDS 222)

HUMBIO 122A: Health Care Policy and Reform (PUBLPOL 156)

HUMBIO 122E: Reducing Health Disparities and Closing the Achievement Gap through Health Integration in Schools (EDUC 429, PEDS 229)

HUMBIO 122H: Social and Environmental Determinants of Health (PEDS 150, PEDS 250)

HUMBIO 123E: Health Economics & Policy: exploring health disparities, child health & health care spending

HUMBIO 124C: Global Child Health (MED 124, PEDS 124)

HUMBIO 125: Current Topics and Controversies in Women's Health (FEMGEN 256, OBGYN 256)

HUMBIO 140: Sex and Gender in Human Physiology and Disease (FEMGEN 241, MED 240)

HUMBIO 163: The Opioid Epidemic: Using Neuroscience to Inform Policy and Law

ILAC 253: Losing My Mind: Madness, Race, and Gender in Latin America (COMPLIT 253, ILAC 353)

MED 53Q: Storytelling in Medicine (LIFE 53Q)

MED 194: Global Health: Through an Equity Lens (MED 294)

MED 242: Human Rights and Health

PHIL 167D: Philosophy of Neuroscience (PHIL 267D, SYMSYS 167D)

PSYC 11Q: I thought I heard my name... Destigmatizing psychosis

PSYC 21N: How we think as how we feel: Cognitive and emotional influences on mental health

PSYC 215B: Introduction to Psychedelic Medicine

PSYC 216: Psychedelics and Social Justice

PSYCH 20N: How Beliefs Create Reality

PSYCH 101: Community Health Psychology (HUMBIO 128)

PSYCH 215: Mind, Culture, and Society

PSYCH 245A: Understanding Racial and Ethnic Identity Development (CSRE 245, EDUC 245)

PUBLPOL 122: BioSecurity and Pandemic Resilience (BIOE 122, EMED 122, EMED 222, PUBLPOL 222)

PUBLPOL 156: Health Care Policy and Reform (HUMBIO 122A)

PUBLPOL 183: Human and Planetary Health (MED 103, SOC 103, SUSTAIN 103)

PWR 91LF: The Art of Access: Disability, Creativity, Communication

RELIGST 10N: The Good Death

SOMGEN 130: Sexual Diversity and Function Across Medical Disciplines

SOMGEN 140Q: The Beginning: the Brain, the Womb, and the Elusive Definition of Life

SOMGEN 150Q: Challenging Sex and Gender Dichotomies in Biology and Medicine (FEMGEN 150Q)

SOMGEN 203: Literature and Writing for Military Affiliated Students

SOMGEN 206: Global Medical Issues Affecting Women (FEMGEN 206)

SOMGEN 207: Theories of Change in Global Health (INTLPOL 291, PUBLPOL 291)

SOMGEN 213: The Art of Observation: Enhancing Clinical Skills Through Visual Analysis

STS 200W: Are We Really All Cyborgs?: Bodies as Technoscience

SURG 143: Anatomy for Artists (ARTSTUDI 243)