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John W. Rick

John Rick's profile photo

John W. Rick

Ph.D. Michigan, 1978
Research Interests: 
Prehistoric archaeology and anthropology of band-level hunter-gatherers, stone tool studies, analytical methodology, animal domestication; Latin America, Southwestern U.S.


John Rick’s research focuses on prehistoric archaeology and anthropology of hunter-gatherers and initial hierarchical societies, stone tool analysis and digital methodologies, Latin America, Southwestern U.S. Rick’s major research efforts have included long-term projects studying early hunting societies of the high altitude puna grasslands of central Peru, and currently he directs a major research project at the monumental World Heritage site of Chavín de Huántar aimed at exploring the foundations of authority in the central Andes. Other field projects include work on early agricultural villages in the American Southwest, and a recently-initiated project on the Preclassic and Early Classic archaeology of the Guatemalan highlands near Panajachel, Atitlan. Current emphasis is on employing dimensional analytical digital techniques to the study of landscape and architecture, and on exploring the contexts and motivations for the development of sociopolitical inequalities.

Selected Articles

2008 Chavín de Huántar: The beginnings of social complexity in the Andes. In M. Chazan (Ed.), World Prehistory and Archaeology: Pathways Through Time (pp. 314-315). Boston: Pearson.

2006 Chavín de Huántar: Evidence for an evolved shamanism. San Diego Museum Papers 44: Mesas and Cosmologies in the Central Andes (pp. 101-112).

2005 The evolution of authority at Chavín de Huántar, Peru. In K. Vaughn and C. Conlee (Eds.), The Foundations of Power in the Prehispanic Andes. Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association, 14.

2004 Prologo. In E. Karp de Toledo, La diversidad cultural y los ciudadanos del sol y la luna (pp. 9-13).
Lima: Despacho de la Primera Dama de la Nacion.

2004 Chavín de Huántar: El futuro del pasado. Concertando Para El Cambio, 3(6): 6-11.

2004 Building authority at Chavín de Huántar: Models of social organization and development in the initial period and early horizon. Co-authored with Silvia R. Kembel. In Helaine Silverman (Ed.), Andean Archaeology, (pp. 51-76). Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishers.