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Travel Research Opportunities


Map of Galapagos Islands

Sophomore College Course and Field Seminar

This September, the Anthropology Department, in conjunction with Sophomore College and the Stanford Alumni Association, will again offer a special educational opportunity for Stanford sophomores of all majors: a course on "Darwin, Evolution, and Galapagos" including a 10-day Field Seminar to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, South America. This course is the fifteenth in a rotating annual series of Field Seminars that are designed to enhance the experiential learning opportunities of the Stanford curriculum (other seminars in the series include travel to the Amazon, Costa Rica, and elsewhere). In each case, a Sophomore College course ends with a trip to experience first-hand one or more of the places studied in class. After a preparatory seminar of their own, adult alumni and friends of the University join the class for the travel component.