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Culture and Society Emphasis

Culture and Society Emphasis

The scope of cultural and social anthropology at Stanford includes the study of the full range of human societies and cultures, especially as these are drawn together in transnational and global interactions. The Culture and Society track faculty are committed to an intellectually rigorous and socially responsible pursuit of answers to questions that urgently matter in the contemporary world. The track has a focus on understanding a wide range of issues in the comparative study of society and culture. These include issues of:

Faculty are engaged in ethnographic and documentary research informed by a wide array of theoretical perspectives, and focused on both traditional and emerging topics.

Required courses

Required: ANTHRO 90B-Theory of Culture and Social Anthropology
Required: ANTRHO 91-Methods and Evidence in Anthropology

Example of Courses within the Culture and Society Emphasis (20 units required)

  • ANTHRO 121A: Hip Hop, Youth Identities, and the Politics of Language
  • ANTRHO 134: Cultural Studies
  • ANTHRO 126: Urban Culture in Global Perspective
  • ANTHRO 149: South Asia: History, People, Politics