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World Archaeology

There is a strong global range of interests in archaeology, with student and faculty researchers working from Southeast Asia to Europe, Africa and the Americas. Students at all levels are encouraged to take part in the global and interdisciplinary projects in which many faculty are involved. The aim is to give a broad sense of the diversity of cultural practices in different parts of the world as well as to understand the different ways that archaeology itself is practiced and managed. Some of the main areas of interest are as follows: Barbara Voss examines historical archaeology of the Americas and transnational postcolonial archaeology. John Rick has carried out archaeological projects throughout the Western Hemisphere, but currently is dedicated to work at Chavin de Huantar, Peru, and Atitlan, Guatemala aimed at understanding the origins of Andean heirarchical societies. Andrew Bauer directs an interdisciplinary archaeological project that focuses on both prehistoric and historical periods in the Deccan region of southern India. Lynn Meskell works in South Africa but also in Catalhoyuk in Turkey. Ian Hodder also works in Turkey at Catalhoyuk exploring the development of early settled life.