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Torin Jones

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Torin Jones

Dissertation Writer
Research Interests: 
West Africa, Southern Europe, Sicily, Immigration, Race, Blackness, Emotion, Borders, Youth


Italy protects unaccompanied foreign minors (minori stranieri non accompagnati) above all other migrants, granting them passage through an increasingly violent border regime. Politicians pose with young migrants as they disembark at ports, naming them ‘future Italians’ and encouraging them to integrate. In official discourse and popular imagination, foreign minors will fulfill the dream, for some, of a multi-racial national future. Unaccompanied foreign minors receive more care than any other migrant group. Why, then, are they so sad? I analyze not only human emotion contained within individual bodies, but also passions and energies that circulate among bodies and spaces, forming the bases for specific knowledges and practices of racial difference. In this way, my dissertation explores a forceful human experience at the heart of Italy’s complex response to young migrant governance: black sadness.