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Third Year Students

Research Interest: political anthropology, everyday life, protracted conflict, historical memory, identity and culture, normalization, militarization; South Asia.
Research Interest: Internationalism, Universalism, Cold War, Coloniality, Third Worldism, Humanitarianism, Decolonization, Activism, Exile, Diaspora, Global histories, Virtual ethnography, Visual anthropology, Political biographies/life stories, Political transformation: Syria, Turkey, Kurds
Research Interest: Race, Racism, Maternal mortality, African American birthing practices and countercultures, Medical Anthropology, Midwifery: American South
Research Interest: race, diaspora, GIS and remote sensing, community collaborative archaeology, the Asian American experience
Gabriela Oppitz's profile image
Research Interest: community, historicity, socioenvironmental change, isotopic and sediment analysis, difference, postcolonial and decolonial theory, lowlands of South America.
Research Interest: China, especially Southern/Southwest; anthropology of modernity; science and technology studies; critical food and agriculture studies; political economy of global trade; epistemologies of nutrition; beyond-human biopolitics
Research Interest: I am interested in understanding how people live when living seems to be most difficult. I am exploring this question in Balochistan, Pakistan.