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Nisrin Elamin Abdelrahman
Research Interests: Large-scale land deals, Gulf Investments, Belonging, Citizenship, Negotiability, and Sufi Leadership in central Sudan
nathan acebo
Research Interests: Indigenous archaeology, subaltern resistance, Materialism approaches in archaeology, geochemical archaeometry, , North American colonialism, and multiethnic subjectivity formation.
alexandrino ocana grace
Research Interests: Andes; heritage concepts in Latin America, tangible cultural heritage´s social use, public policies for cultural heritage sites, UNESCOS role in Latin America, education and heritage, social approach to archaeology multi-ethnic identities, race relations, ethnographic methods.
Noor Amr's profile image
Research Interests: sovereignty, secularism, migration, asylum, citizenship, kinship; Germany
S. Gokce's profile image
Research Interests: relapse prevention, addiction, methamphetamine, spiritual healing, religion and disease, Osaka, Kobe, Kansai, crime, mental health, Japan, Turkey
Benjamin Baker's profile image
Research Interests: Australian Historic Archaeology, Chinese diaspora, religion, transnationalism, human-environment interactions.
Gesualdo Busacca
Research Interests: prehistoric archaeology, anthropology of craft and practice, prehistoric and contemporary art, new materialism, archaeology of the senses, mudbrick architecture
Misha Bykowski's profile photo
Research Interests: STS, Japan, security, human-machine relations, post-phenomenology
Miray Cakiroglu's profile photo
Research Interests: historical anthropology, archival ethnography, anthropology of Islam, materiality, imperial interactions, nation-state, space, mobility, memory, politics of heritage, ruins, ruination, Mediterranean, Middle East, Turkey
Samil can
Research Interests: Debt, morality, finance, precarity, affect, neoliberalism, Islam, Sufism, South Asia, infrastructure, temporality, subjectivity, embodiment
dean chahim
Research Interests: Urban political ecology, STS, water, infrastructures, expertise, urban geography, political economy, "development," the state, engineering, materiality, environmental history, risk, space, Mexico, Latin America
Alisha Cerian's profile photo
Research Interests: Urban Space and Place; Public Sphere; Power, Identity, and Representation; Postcolonialism; South Asian Diasporas; Singapore; South India
paul christians
Research Interests: cultural heritage, expertise/experts, transnationalism and new nationalisms, distributive politics, post-neoliberalism, labor, migration, development, knowledge production, cultural conservation, history and anthropology, after postcolonialism, after cosmopolitanism, ethics, studying up; Qatar, Gulf and Arabian Peninsula, Jordan, Middle East
Research Interests: anthropology of aging, demography, care, Cuba, economics, networks, socialism, work
Research Interests: historical archaeology, archaeology of food, food history, institutional archaeology, immigration, gender, material culture studies, cultural heritage, museums.
marguerite deloney
Research Interests: Colonial archaeology of Latin America, culture contact studies, ethnogenesis, decolonization theory, agency and identity
Cordelia Erikson-Davis's profile image
Research Interests: STS, medical anthropology, translational neuroscience, phenomenology, psychophysics, regulatory science, medical devices, virtual and augmented reality
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Nataya's profile image
Research Interests: Environmental Anthropology, Energy Humanities, Techno-politics, Infrastructure, Affect
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Byron Gray's profile image
Research Interests: Social Theory; South Asian Society & Politics; Urban Space; Law; Christianity; Islam
Emilia Groupp's profile photo
Research Interests: Land use, social inequality, legal anthropology, power, authority, expertise, gender, geopolitics, Middle East and North Africa, United States
Shubhangni Gupta's profile image
Research Interests: heritage, India, preservation, Rajasthan, policy, law, culture, art
Research Interests: animals and ecology, nature, nationalisms and the Japanese right-wing, conservation, militarized modernity, animal extinction and emergence, wildlife tracking, culling and poaching, the exotic pet trade, Japan’s “natural monuments”, technology and infrastructure, the politics of dispossession and repossession, sovereignty & the state, civility, universals and vernaculars, imperialisms and annexation, post/present-cold war anthropology, post/present-colonialisms, public spheres, the press, elections, simulacra and refugia, aesthetics, mimetics, emergence, caves/forests/reefs, forest bathing, arcadia.
Nina Horstmann's profile image
Research Interests: anthropology of science and technology, administration of space, borderlands, surveillance, territorial mapping, political ecology, U.S. and Mexico
cherkea_howery profile image
Research Interests: The economic, political, and cultural impact of the heritage industry on society and the consequences of preservation initiatives.
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Research Interests: Politics of urban development, temporality, activism, Hong Kong, China
justine issavi
Research Interests: Archaeological theory, Neolithic, Central Anatolian societies, spatial analysis, sociality of space
Shobhna Iyer's profile image
Research Interests: Political landscapes, Materiality, Landscape, Urbanism, GIS, Archaeological Survey, Historical archaeology
Torin Jones's profile image
Research Interests: West Africa, Southern Europe, Sicily, Immigration, Race, Blackness, Emotion, Borders, Youth
saree kayne
Research Interests: anthropology of elites, anthropology of sport, the Olympic Games, liberal humanism, neoliberalism
allison kendra
Research Interests: Landscapes, materiality, capitalism, the state, development, feminist theory, decolonial theory, Latin America, Peru
Saad Lakhani's profile photo
Research Interests: Religion and Political Mobilization, Subjectivity and Governmentality; Secularism and Religion, Nationalism, Community, Tolerance, Violence; Area: Pakistan.
Jaime Landinez Aceros's profile photo
Research Interests: place, territory, and landscape; rural ecologies; relational ontologies; dispossession; toxicity; post-conflict policies; infrastructure; oral history and memory; Colombia
Koji Ozawa's profile photo
Research Interests: Historical Archaeology; Japanese Diaspora; incarceration camps; detention; race; ethnicity; migration; landscape
Angela Leocata's profile image
Research Interests: labor, (im)migration, affect, gender, the body, embodiment, United States, Brazil
claudia liuzza profile image
Research Interests: Cultural diversity, the complexity of human communication and human behaviors, in relation with interdisciplinary topics such as a sense of heritage, heritage interpretation and cultural consciousness in different contexts of contemporary and ancient societies
Zaith Lopez's profile photo
Research Interests: labor; (im)migration; subjectivity; phenomenology; violence; mental health; substance abuse; memory; psychological and medical anthropology; Latin America
claire maass
Research Interests: Community-Based Archaeology; Bioarchaeology and Social Justice; African Diaspora Archaeology; Latin America; Peru
Stefania Manfio's profile photo
Research Interests: maritime archaeology, medieval and post-medieval archaeology, social archaeology, slave trade, labor diaspora, Indian Ocean, digital mapping (GIS), 3D and virtual reality, museum
Tony Marks-Block's profile image
Research Interests: California Indian subsistence ecology, Anthropogenic broadcast fire, Indigenous livelihoods, Fire ecology and pyrogeography, Political ecology
Sam Maull's profile image
Research Interests: Race and place, Blackness, Criminal Justice, Mass Incarceration, Jails, Responsibility, Guilt and Innocence, Cycle of Poverty, Cycle of Incarceration, Intervention, Affect, Violence, Temporality
camilla mazzucato
Research Interests: urban development and spatial arrangement of Neolithic megasites, the Neolithic in the Levant and Turkey, network analysis and digital mapping (GIS), spatial analysis, religion/ritual/cults
Kristin McFadden's profile image
Research Interests: Political and Legal Anthropology, citizenship, power, nation-state, black political participation, American South
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anthony medina
Research Interests: Anthropology of Cuba, Caribbean Studies, Marketization, Globalization, Criminality, Economic Liberalization
Hannah Moots
Research Interests: Paleoecology; Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction; Archaeogenetics; Human Ecology and Evolution; STEM/STEAM Education
Jameelah Morris's profile photo
Research Interests: Blackness; Land Dispossession; Development; Historical Memory; Place and Space; Media; Youth Activism; Continuities of Slavery and Colonization; Latin America and the Caribbean; Colombia
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Research Interests: culture and cognition; culture theory; big data and evidence-based management; algorithms as cultural artifacts; risk and uncertainty; quantification; modeling culture
Shikha Nehra's profile image
Research Interests: bureaucracy, state, digital infrastructures, civil society, welfare politics, development, temporalities, subjectivity, political anthropology, anthropology of science and technology, digital anthropology
Aaron Neiman's profile photo
Research Interests: medical anthropology, STS, psychiatry and psychology, new depression treatments, Australia, anthropology of the state, computer-human interaction, film and popular culture
Shantanu Nevrekar's profile image
Research Interests: State, Bureaucracy, Governmentality, Political Economy, Anthropology of Development, Capitalism, Debt, Finance, Agrarian Studies, India
laura ng
Research Interests: historical archaeology; Chinese diaspora; race; ethnicity; Western United States
Gabriela Oppitz's profile image
Research Interests: archaeological and anthropological theory; social change and agency; landscape and human-environment dynamics; entanglement; isotopic analyses; mortuary analysis; GIS and field methods; palaeodiet; migration and mobility; hunter-gatherers; postcolonial theory; ethics; cultural heritage.
Ryan Michael Penney's profile photo
Research Interests: technology and infrastructure, knowledge production, maritime anthropology, anthropology of capitalism, environmental policy, China
dilshanie perera
Research Interests: environmental governance, weather, climate, risk, disaster, meteorology, epistemology, landscape, historical transformation, Bangladesh, Bengal, South Asia
dana phelps
Research Interests: cultural heritage, marginalized communities, narratives of development, nature-culture-human interactions, post-conflict societies, UNESCO World Heritage sites and politics, and traditional knowledge and livelihoods.
Venolia Rabodiba's profile image
Research Interests: black geographies; space and place; memory and memorialisation; urbanisation; ‘development’; nation building; imagined communities; South Africa
Valentina Ramia's profile image
Research Interests: anthropology of sentiments; immigration and asylum; the intersection between law and psychiatry; Latin American politics; experimental ethnography; comics and graphic novels; film and music.
Elliott Reichardt's profile image
Research Interests: anthropology of history, development, global & public health; Caribbean; political economy; psychology; environment; pollution; science and technology studies; disability; queer theory
Jasmine Reid's profile photo
Research Interests: Cultural heritage, museums, archaeology of forced removal, South Africa
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Alexa Russon's profile photo
Research Interests: economic anthropology, postcolonial studies, coloniality, transnational governmentality, South Asia, politics of representation, gender, developmentalism
Karem Said profile photo
Research Interests: Urban anthropology, gender, digital technologies, political anthropology, and forms of egalitarianism
Esteban Salmon Perrilliat's profile photo
Research Interests: criminal justice system, prosecution, policing, bureaucracy, legality, Mexico and Latin America
Isabel M. Salovaara's profile photo
Research Interests: Anthropology of capitalism; urban space, place and built environments; infrastructure; mobilities; personhood; youth and adolescence; parallel education systems; moral anthropology; South Asia
nethra's profile image
Research Interests: Indian Ocean Trade, gold and gem trading networks, trust and risk, credit and debt, transnational capital flows, Sri Lanka, South India, Hong Kong and Singapore
Pablo Seward profile photo
Research Interests: Medical, political, and urban anthropology; activist research; politics of life and death; subjectivity, desire, and becoming; risk, security, vulnerability, poverty, and violence; anthropology of the state; decolonial urbanism; urban political ecology; social movements; migration and racism; liberalism and neoliberalism; critical phenomenology; Latin America; Chile
Haoran Shi's profile image
Research Interests: Global heritage, landscape archaeology, digital mapping (GIS), spatial analysis; North Africa, Middle East
Nestor Leonardo Silva's profile image
Research Interests: Anthropological perspectives on environmental politics and government; political economy and power relations vis-à-vis hydrocarbons and the environment; interdisciplinary studies of the hydrocarbon industry; human geography and GIS; North Dakota, the Andean region, the Americas in general.
ashveer singh
Research Interests: Universal Identification Authority of India, STS, the politics of welfare, state planning and governance, knowledge production, East Punjab
Utsavi Singh's profile image
Research Interests: landscapes of power in region of Ladakh, India
alana springer
Research Interests: Common pool resource management; collective action; co-management; governance; collective action; socio-ecological systems; New Zealand
Weronika Tomczyk's profile image
Research Interests: zooarchaeology; environmental archaeology; bioarchaeology; human-animal relationships; empires; stable isotope analysis; Andes.
kerem ussakli
Research Interests: law, sovereignty, constitution-making / ethics & aesthetics / Kurds; Iraq, Turkey
Zoe VanGelder's profile image
Research Interests: Political ecology, Anthropology of development, Gender, Youth activism, Agrarian studies, Eco-governmentality, Climate politics, Experimental ethnography, Mexico and Latin America
Shandana Waheed's profile image
Research Interests: historical anthropology, archival ethnography, anthropology of religions, materiality, imperial interactions, nation-state, space, place making, mobility, memory and nostalgia, politics of heritage, ruins, ruination, South Asia, Pakistan, Punjab
Chun-Yu Wang's profile photo
Research Interests: the oil and gas industry, rural development, Malaysia, Southeast Asia
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Research Interests: Proto-historic period (1500-1750) of the Navajo or Dine’, an Athabaskan tribe of the Four Corners area
ciara wirth
Research Interests: cognition, learning, epistemology, local ecological knowledge, ethnobiology, ethnozoology
tianyu xie
Research Interests: Infrastructure (Subway), Bureaucracy and Entrepreneurialism in State-Owned Enterprise, Technology and Development, Governmentality, Neoliberalism and Socialism, Second-Tier Cities in China
Adela Zhang's profile image
Research Interests: Extractive capitalism; the state; development; social conflicts; infrastructure; governance in Andean and Amazonian communities; Peru
Grace Zhou's profile photo
Research Interests: Intimate economies, work and welfare, dependency, and "post-work" imaginaries in Central Asia