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Shan Huang

shan huang

Shan Huang

Dissertation Writer
Research Interests: 
Political and economic anthropology, critical theory, temporality, development, activism, localism, state, aesthetics, language, Hong Kong, China


My research focuses on the political culture of Hong Kong and China by examining narratives and actions that mobilize political participation. Ethnographically, I am looking at the ways in which various development projects are articulated, enacted, and contested in Hong Kong, and how these processes may reshape local political spectrum.

My broader commitment to anthropological research is to understand what may be called “reality” through in-depth and attentive interpretation. I see ethnography as a way to offer critical edge to imagine concrete alternatives to such reality.

Prior to Stanford, I studied China’s alternative music scenes and cultural politics. I conducted fieldwork with experimental musicians and young rock music fans in Beijing, based on which I wrote my Master’s Thesis and articles for non-academic readers.