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Second Year Students

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Research Interest: materialism, post-structuralist thought; memory, temporality; affects, emotions, care; anthropology of work, digital media, technology, addiction; Turkey, Japan
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Research Interest: multispecies ethnography, the anthropology and history of science and technology, religion, theories of modernity, anthropology of the state, vigilantism and communal violence, industrialization of biological life and food-ways; veterinary biotechnology and vigilante cow protection groups in India
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Research Interest: medical anthropology, STS, FSS, psychiatry, anthropology of the state, TMS, depression, genomics, race, gender, computing, Artificial Intelligence
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Research Interest: I am interested in the several different ways in which archaeology intersects with various disciplines including cultural anthropology and history.
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Research Interest: Cultural heritage, museums, archaeology of forced removal, South Africa
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Research Interest: I am interested in the transfer of technology and the politics of infrastructure of downstream oil and gas industry in East and Southeast Asia, with my current research focus on the petro-development, governance, and resistance in Malaysia.