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Second Year Students

Research Interest: care, cognitive disability, gender, queerness, childhood, family & kinship, voice & silence, intuition, ordinary ethics, & South Asia.
Research Interest: law & ethics, knowledge/power, semiotic & surveillance technologies, sacrifice, debt, value; Islamic/Muslim world - Jordan, India, Indonesia
Research Interest: technological surveillance — on the lives of people, specifically in terms of self-conceptualization, community-building, and culture.
Research Interest: Racial formation; Political economy; Aesthetics; Global Black feminism; Archipelagic and oceanic studies; Diaspora; Materiality; Labor; Women and gender: La Réunion, Mayotte, French/Francophone Indian Ocean
Research Interest: anthropology of science and medicine; postcolonial science studies; emerging biotech in Southeast Asia; war, memory, and DNA identification technology; science and identity making; science, capitalism, and nation building.
Research Interest: urban landscapes, historical trauma, (contentious) commemorative practises, collective memory, time and space/place-making, narrative and storytelling, borderlands, post-conflict space.
Research Interest: Human-Ecological relations, Human-Environment Interactions, Environmental Exchanges, Hydrology, Remote Sensing, GIS, Water Management Systems, Medieval Cambodia, the Khmer Empire, Cambodia, Japan.
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Research Interest: ancient DNA, pathogen genomics, (paleo)epigenetics, (ancient) DNA ethics, spread of disease, human-animal interaction, diet and nutrition, paleoecology.
Research Interest: marine life, the ocean, maritime landscapes, biological oceanography, marine conservation, Macaronesia.