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Second Year Students

Miray Cakiroglu's profile photo
Research Interest: historical anthropology, archival ethnography, anthropology of Islam, materiality, imperial interactions, nation-state, space, mobility, memory, politics of heritage, ruins, ruination, Mediterranean, Middle East, Turkey
Emilia Groupp's profile photo
Research Interest: Land use, social inequality, legal anthropology, power, authority, expertise, gender, geopolitics, Middle East and North Africa, United States
Jaime Landinez Aceros's profile photo
Research Interest: place, territory, and landscape; rural ecologies; relational ontologies; dispossession; toxicity; post-conflict policies; infrastructure; oral history and memory; Colombia
Angela Leocata's profile image
Research Interest: labor, (im)migration, affect, gender, the body, embodiment, United States, Brazil
Zaith Lopez's profile photo
Research Interest: labor; (im)migration; subjectivity; phenomenology; violence; mental health; substance abuse; memory; psychological and medical anthropology; Latin America
Stefania Manfio's profile photo
Research Interest: maritime archaeology, medieval and post-medieval archaeology, social archaeology, slave trade, labor diaspora, Indian Ocean, digital mapping (GIS), 3D and virtual reality, museum
Ryan Michael Penney's profile photo
Research Interest: technology and infrastructure, knowledge production, maritime anthropology, anthropology of capitalism, environmental policy, China
Alexa Russon's profile photo
Research Interest: economic anthropology, postcolonial studies, coloniality, transnational governmentality, South Asia, politics of representation, gender, developmentalism
Esteban Salmon Perrilliat's profile photo
Research Interest: criminal justice system, prosecution, policing, bureaucracy, legality, Mexico and Latin America
Isabel M. Salovaara's profile photo
Research Interest: Anthropology of capitalism; urban space, place and built environments; infrastructure; mobilities; personhood; youth and adolescence; parallel education systems; moral anthropology; South Asia
Utsavi Singh's profile image
Research Interest: landscapes of power in region of Ladakh, India