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Samuel Maull

sam maull

Samuel Maull

Dissertation Writer
Research Interests: 
manifestations of urban poverty in western cities; and how this manifestations e.g. gangs, female headed households etc. are related to the social and material environment in which they exist


I work with incarcerated men and their families in a local jail. My research focuses on the construction of mutually imbricated concepts of race, family, and responsibility in criminal justice (both the formal court system and the informal governance in the jail). I explore the ways in which the criminal justice system (prison industrial complex) recognizes and affirms some forms of intimacy, while suppressing, punishing, and pathologizing others. By focusing on this intimate work, often overlooked in scholarship on mass incarceration, I aim to map the material conditions under which racial and gendered violence is reproduced. My work draws from Abolitionism, Punishment and Society Studies, Critical Race Theory, Afro-Pessimism, Affect Theory, Queer and Feminist Anti-Social Theories and Political Economy, particularly Autonomism.