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Sabrina Papazian

sabrina papazian

Sabrina Papazian

Dissertation Writer
Research Interests: 
Heritage and museum management, tourism, heritage and conflict, diasporas and identity, globalization, and the trade in illicit antiquities


My research focuses on the complex social, political, and economic networks of relations that arise from the financing and management of archaeological cultural heritage in Armenia. Without substantial financial remittances from its diaspora population and other fiscal investments form international organizations, Armenia, a post-Soviet nation, would cease to exist as an autonomous nation. In particular, the maintenance of cultural heritage has become a target of international financial investment for its ability to boost tourism, connect a worldwide diaspora with a homeland population, and increase Armenia’s global prestige. My project seeks to trace the internal and external organizations involved with preserving and maintaining heritage to ascertain the various agendas at play, to understand what happens to heritage when it is caught at the intersection of national and international schemas, and ultimately to comprehend how the emergence of a transnational Armenia is shaped.

Prior to Stanford, I received a BA in Archaeology and Art History from Cornell University and a MPhil in Archaeology from the University of Cambridge. My degrees in conjunction with time working for several museums and cultural heritage organizations have melded my interests in heritage and museum management, tourism, heritage and conflict, diasporas and development, neoliberal heritage, and cultural diplomacy and archaeology.