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Nina Dewi Horstmann

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Nina Dewi Horstmann

Second Year Cohort
Research Interests: 
Indonesia; critical geospatial technologies; political ecology; bureaucracy; politics of scientific knowledge; STS; development and conservation, natural resource management; visual representations of space and nature


My research examines the proliferation of geospatial technologies such as satellite imagery and GIS in environmental conservation and management. I investigate how these technologies have (re)structured the ways that government planners conceive of, speak about, and produce space. Specifically, I am interested in the way that Indonesian bureaucrats and planners use these technologies in their work and how these technologies mediate the way that knowledge about the environment is produced. My research interests also include the politics of scientific knowledge, expertise, high modernism, and development. 

I hold a B.A. in Development Studies from the University of California, Berkeley and an M.Sc. in Environmental Science from Yale University. Prior to coming to Stanford, I spent several years working on climate impact assessment and climate adaptation projects in Indonesia, Korea, and Costa Rica.