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Nataya Friedan

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Nataya Friedan

Dissertation Writer
Research Interests: 
Environmental Anthropology, Energy Humanities, Techno-politics, Infrastructure, Affect


My research is about the materiality of misinformation in a changing climate. My current project on flood infrastructure planning in Houston follows engineers, oil and gas professionals, government officials and activists as they grapple with scientific evidence attributing the recent series of disastrous flooding events to industrial action in an oil industry town. My work figures misinformation as it lives between humans, amidst environmental change and through material mediums of harm from floodwaters to polluted air distributed by infrastructure and policy at multiple scales.  

In addition to my academic work, I also co-founded and developed structural violence framed curriculum for Catalyst, a program that brought young people and educators from across the Americas to rethink drug education and the War on Drugs (