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Koji Lau-Ozawa

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Koji Lau-Ozawa

In the Field
Research Interests: 
Historical Archaeology; Japanese Diaspora; incarceration camps; detention; race; ethnicity; migration; landscape


I am interested in the several different ways in which archaeology intersects with various disciplines including cultural anthropology and history. Using multiple perspectives my research seeks to reach a deeper understanding of the Asian American experience. My MA project examined the use of gardens at Gila River a World War II Japanese Incarceration Camp. At Stanford I plan to continue this research, examining the material remains at Gila River and working with the various communities which have connections to the site.

I received my MA (Hons) form the University of Edinburgh in Archaeology and Social Anthropology and an MA in Anthropology from San Francisco State University. I have worked in archaeology in Northern California for Stanford Heritage Services and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area for the past eight years.