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Kimberley Connor

Kimberley Connor

In the Field
Research Interests: 
historical archaeology, archaeology of food, food history, institutional archaeology, immigration, gender, material culture studies, cultural heritage, museums.


My research focuses on food consumption in institutional sites in the Early Modern and Modern periods. In particular, I am interested in the tensions between official dietaries, which are often designed to reflect the purpose of the institution, and the food which is actually consumed by the inmates. Many 19th century dietaries were arranged by gender, and exploring the gender associations of particular foods, and the objects used to prepare and serve them, forms a key part of my ongoing research.

Prior to coming to Stanford, I received my B.A.(Languages) in French and Archaeology from the University of Sydney, and my B.A. (Honours) In Archaeology from the same university. I am also the author of the historical food blog Turnspit & Table.