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Kerem Ussakli

kerem ussakli

Kerem Ussakli

Dissertation Writer
Research Interests: 
law, sovereignty, constitution-making / ethics & aesthetics / Kurds; Iraq, Turkey


I have ongoing interests in the anthropology of law, sovereignty, mass publics and written cultures in the Middle East, with a focus on the Kurds in Iraq and Turkey. I am looking into, first, struggles and reform movements in criminal and family law, in trying to understand attempts of conscripting ways of life into secular nationalism. Second, I'm studying the processes of constitution-making, the stakes raised by questions on the ethnic and religious character of the state, and the content of foundational narratives. An obsession of mine is the lives of lawyers and how creative they are; another is the contrapuntal traditions of liberal and radical ethics, and the democratic innovations they engender.

I'm also interested in the relation between philosophy and ethnography, at the heart of which lies a concern for aesthetics.