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Jaime Landinez Aceros

Jaime Landinez Aceros's profile photo

Jaime Landinez Aceros

Second Year Cohort
Research Interests: 
place, territory, and landscape; rural ecologies; relational ontologies; dispossession; toxicity; post-conflict policies; infrastructure; oral history and memory; Colombia


My research explores how the Colombian armed conflict, and the state's responses to it, have created and reconfigured place, territory, and nature in rural contexts. I am interested in understanding how the armed conflict and state processes of economic growth, post-conflict rebuilding, and alternative development have (re)produced dispossession and disrupted relationships with soil, water, plants, and animals in rural geographies. A significant part of my research considers the divergent daily practices that emerge from these geographies to narrate, experience, and negotiate with and through such landscapes of precarity and dispossession.

I hold a B.A in Sociology from National University of Colombia (with honors) and an M.A in Political Science from University of the Andes in Bogotá. Prior to coming to Stanford, I was a researcher at Colombia’s National Center for Historical Memory for five years.