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Haoran Shi

Haoran Shi's profile image

Haoran Shi

Second Year Cohort
Research Interests: 
Global heritage, landscape archaeology, digital mapping (GIS), spatial analysis; North Africa, Middle East


My research explores the possibility of utilizing automated methods in detecting, analyzing, and quickly documenting archaeological sites that are under threat. Through large-scale mapping, I would like to 1) highlight risks to sites (e.g. urbanization and vandalism) since the Corona program, 2) evaluate ongoing destruction using near real-time satellite images from, for example, Landsat and MODIS, and 3) promote informed decision-making in the preservation and stewardship of cultural heritage. The research may also provide insights into human-environment relations and organizations of settlement hierarchies.

Prior to entering Stanford, I received a BSc in Geology from Imperial College London and completed my Master’s degree in Classical Archaeology at University of Oxford.