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First Year Cohort

Benjamin Baker's profile image
Research Interest: Australian Historic Archaeology, Chinese diaspora, religion, transnationalism, human-environment interactions.
Alisha Cerian's profile photo
Research Interest: Urban Space and Place; Public Sphere; Power, Identity, and Representation; Postcolonialism; South Asian Diasporas; Singapore; South India
Research Interest: historical archaeology, archaeology of food, food history, institutional archaeology, immigration, gender, material culture studies, cultural heritage, museums.
Nina Horstmann's profile image
Research Interest: Indonesia; critical geospatial technologies; political ecology; bureaucracy; politics of scientific knowledge; STS; development and conservation, natural resource management; visual representations of space and nature
Saad Lakhani's profile photo
Research Interest: Religion and Political Mobilization, Subjectivity and Governmentality; Secularism and Religion, Nationalism, Community, Tolerance, Violence; Area: Pakistan.
Jameelah Morris's profile photo
Research Interest: Afro-Descendant Communities in Latin America, Historical Memory, Identity Formation, Place and Space, Continuities of Slavery and Colonization, Political Violence, Colombia.
Gabriela Oppitz's profile image
Research Interest: archaeological and anthropological theory; social change and agency; landscape and human-environment dynamics; entanglement; isotopic analyses; mortuary analysis; GIS and field methods; palaeodiet; migration and mobility; hunter-gatherers; postcolonial theory; ethics; cultural heritage.
Valentina Ramia's profile image
Research Interest: anthropology of sentiments; immigration and asylum; the intersection between law and psychiatry; Latin American politics; experimental ethnography; comics and graphic novels; film and music.
Weronika Tomczyk's profile image
Research Interest: zooarchaeology; environmental archaeology; bioarchaeology; human-animal relationships; empires; stable isotope analysis; Andes.
Adela Zhang's profile image
Research Interest: Extractive capitalism, the state, social conflicts, infrastructure, governance in Andean communities, Peru, China-Latin America relations