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Field Researchers

Gesualdo Busacca's profile photo
Research Interest: prehistoric archaeology, anthropology of craft and practice, prehistoric and contemporary art, new materialism, archaeology of the senses, mudbrick architecture
Dean Chahim's profile photo
Research Interest: Urban political ecology, STS, water, infrastructures, expertise, urban geography, political economy, "development," the state, engineering, materiality, environmental history, risk, space, Mexico, Latin America
Byron Gray's profile image
Research Interest: Social Theory; South Asian Society & Politics; Urban Space; Law; Christianity; Islam
Samuel Holley-Kline's profile photo
Research Interest: Mexican archaeology, historical archaeology, cultural heritage, disciplinary histories, and ethnographic methods
Torin Jones's profile photo
Research Interest: China, Nigerian immigration, governance, intimacy, citizenship, racialization.
Allison Kendra's profile photo
Research Interest: Landscapes, materiality, capitalism, the state, development, feminist theory, decolonial theory, Latin America, Peru
Tony Marks-Block's profile image
Research Interest: California Indian subsistence ecology, Anthropogenic broadcast fire, Indigenous livelihoods, Fire ecology and pyrogeography, Political ecology
Samuel Mall's profile photo
Research Interest: manifestations of urban poverty in western cities; and how this manifestations e.g. gangs, female headed households etc. are related to the social and material environment in which they exist
Camilla Mazzucato's profile photo
Research Interest: urban development and spatial arrangement of Neolithic megasites, the Neolithic in the Levant and Turkey, network analysis and digital mapping (GIS), spatial analysis, religion/ritual/cults
Hannah Moots's profile pphoto
Research Interest: Paleoecology; Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction; Archaeogenetics; Human Ecology and Evolution; STEM/STEAM Education
dilshanie perera
Research Interest: environmental governance, weather, climate, risk, disaster, meteorology, epistemology, landscape, historical transformation, Bangladesh, Bengal, South Asia
Nestor Silva's profile photo
Research Interest: Extractivism and Development, State-owned Companies, Political Ecology and Economy, Critical Social Theory, Visual Anthropology, Colombia, Ecuador
Alana Springer's profile photo
Research Interest: Common pool resource management; collective action; co-management; governance; collective action; socio-ecological systems; New Zealand
Kerem Ussakli's profile photo
Research Interest: law, sovereignty, constitution-making / ethics & aesthetics / Kurds; Iraq, Turkey
Tianyu Xie's profile photo
Research Interest: Infrastructure (Subway), Bureaucracy and Entrepreneurialism in State-Owned Enterprise, Technology and Development, Governmentality, Neoliberalism and Socialism, Second-Tier Cities in China
Grace Zhou profile image
Research Interest: Intimate economies, work and welfare, the politics of distribution, care, and "post-work" imaginaries in Central Asia