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Evan Lurie

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Evan Lurie

Research Interests: 
Race, how historical narratives and myth contour personal identity, political anthropology, economic and power inequalities, education


While released from the academic preserve several decades ago, I am still captive to late nights reading, big words, and insatiable curiosity. Since leaving Stanford with my undergraduate degree in Anthropology, I spent many years working in the financial industry, conducted equity and market research, and managed a business intelligence department for a Fortune 500 corporation. Recently, I shifted course and earned my single-subject California teaching credential in Social Sciences and have taught both high school and 8th grade history. I was lucky enough to have read social anthropology at Oxford while studying overseas through Stanford, and find that experience invaluable as I resume studies for my Master's in Anthropology. The broadcasting, accumulation, and transmission of capital persist as my bright, shiny objects.