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Dissertation Writers

alexandrino ocana grace
Research Interest: Andes; heritage concepts in Latin America, tangible cultural heritage´s social use, public policies for cultural heritage sites, UNESCOS role in Latin America, education and heritage, social approach to archaeology multi-ethnic identities, race relations, ethnographic methods.
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Research Interest: STS, Japan, security, human-machine relations, post-phenomenology
Samil can
Research Interest: Debt, morality, finance, precarity, affect, neoliberalism, Islam, Sufism, South Asia, infrastructure, temporality, subjectivity, embodiment
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Research Interest: Urban political ecology, STS, water, infrastructures, expertise, urban geography, political economy, "development," the state, engineering, materiality, environmental history, risk, space, Mexico, Latin America
paul christians
Research Interest: cultural heritage, expertise/experts, transnationalism and new nationalisms, distributive politics, post-neoliberalism, labor, migration, development, knowledge production, cultural conservation, history and anthropology, after postcolonialism, after cosmopolitanism, ethics, studying up; Qatar, Gulf and Arabian Peninsula, Jordan, Middle East
Research Interest: anthropology of aging, demography, care, Cuba, economics, networks, socialism, work
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Research Interest: Medical, political, and urban anthropology; decolonial feminisms; critical geography; politics of life and death; subjectivity, desire, and becoming; risk, security, vulnerability, and poverty; anthropology of the state; social movements; liberalism and neoliberalism; migration; anti-Black and anti-Indigenous violence; Chile; Latin America.
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Research Interest: Colonial archaeology of Latin America, culture contact studies, ethnogenesis, decolonization theory, agency and identity
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Research Interest: STS, medical anthropology, translational neuroscience, phenomenology, psychophysics, regulatory science, medical devices, virtual and augmented reality
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Research Interest: Environmental Anthropology, Energy Humanities, Techno-politics, Infrastructure, Affect
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Research Interest: Social Theory; South Asian Society & Politics; Urban Space; Law; Christianity; Islam
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Research Interest: Politics of urban development, temporality, activism, Hong Kong, China
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Research Interest: Archaeological theory, Neolithic, Central Anatolian societies, spatial analysis, sociality of space
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Research Interest: West Africa, Southern Europe, Sicily, Immigration, Race, Blackness, Emotion, Borders, Youth
Research Interest: US Empire, critical studies of race and gender, everyday forms of war, embodied labor, decoloniality, the Americas
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Research Interest: Historical Archaeology; Japanese Diaspora; incarceration camps; detention; race; ethnicity; migration; landscape
claire maass
Research Interest: Community-Based Archaeology; Bioarchaeology and Social Justice; African Diaspora Archaeology; Latin America; Peru
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Research Interest: Race and place, Blackness, Criminal Justice, Mass Incarceration, Jails, Responsibility, Guilt and Innocence, Cycle of Poverty, Cycle of Incarceration, Intervention, Affect, Violence, Temporality
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Research Interest: urban development and spatial arrangement of Neolithic megasites, the Neolithic in the Levant and Turkey, network analysis and digital mapping (GIS), spatial analysis, religion/ritual/cults
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Research Interest: Paleoecology; Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction; Archaeogenetics; Human Ecology and Evolution; STEM/STEAM Education
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Research Interest: medical anthropology, STS, psychiatry and psychology, new depression treatments, Australia, anthropology of the state, computer-human interaction, film and popular culture
laura ng
Research Interest: historical archaeology; Chinese diaspora; race; ethnicity; Western United States
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Research Interest: Cultural heritage, museums, archaeology of forced removal, South Africa
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Research Interest: Anthropological perspectives on environmental politics and government; political economy and power relations vis-à-vis hydrocarbons and the environment; interdisciplinary studies of the hydrocarbon industry; human geography and GIS; North Dakota, the Andean region, the Americas in general.
ashveer singh
Research Interest: Universal Identification Authority of India, STS, the politics of welfare, state planning and governance, knowledge production, East Punjab
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Research Interest: Common pool resource management; collective action; co-management; governance; collective action; socio-ecological systems; New Zealand
Research Interest: law, sovereignty, constitution-making / ethics & aesthetics / Kurds; Iraq, Turkey
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Research Interest: the oil and gas industry, rural development, Malaysia, Southeast Asia
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Research Interest: Proto-historic period (1500-1750) of the Navajo or Dine’, an Athabaskan tribe of the Four Corners area
ciara wirth
Research Interest: cognition, learning, epistemology, local ecological knowledge, ethnobiology, ethnozoology
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Research Interest: Infrastructure (Subway), Bureaucracy and Entrepreneurialism in State-Owned Enterprise, Technology and Development, Governmentality, Neoliberalism and Socialism, Second-Tier Cities in China
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Research Interest: Intimate economies, work and welfare, dependency, and "post-work" imaginaries in Central Asia