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Dissertation Writers

Nisrin Elamin Abdelrahman's profile photo
Research Interest: Large-scale land deals, Gulf Investments, Belonging, Citizenship, Negotiability, and Sufi Leadership in central Sudan
Nathan Acebo's profile photo
Research Interest: ethnogenesis, and social disjuncture to understand the intersection of prehistoric and historic era materiality and identities within the greater context of contemporary Californian society.
Fanya Beck's profile photo
Research Interest: Native American Archaeology, Craft Production, California history, ethics, intellectual property
Annalisa Bolin's profile image
Research Interest: Cultural, natural, and difficult heritage; conflict and post-conflict societies; heritage politics and ethics; memory; nations and states; development, aid, and policy; Rwanda and Great Lakes Africa
Misha Bykowski's profile photo
Research Interest: STS, Japan, security, human-machine relations, post-phenomenology
Samil Can's profile photo
Research Interest: Indebtedness as a moral affect; religion and economy in South Asia; affective and embodied moralities of micro-scale cash-exchange; questions of materiality and infrastructure in economies of precarity; critical ontology in social sciences
Elandre Dedrick's profile photo
Research Interest: City planning and urban renewal, gentrification, politics, the fashion industry, southern France
Marguerite Deloney's profile photo
Research Interest: Colonial archaeology of Latin America, culture contact studies, ethnogenesis, decolonization theory, agency and identity
Cordelia Erikson-Davis's profile image
Research Interest: STS, medical anthropology, translational neuroscience, phenomenology, psychophysics, regulatory science, medical devices, virtual and augmented reality
David Gilbert's profile photo
Research Interest: Environmental anthropology, agroforestry, Indonesia
Alexa Hagerty's profile photo
Research Interest: Latin America, critical human rights, medical anthropology, morality, imagination
Cherkea Howery's profile photo
Research Interest: The economic, political, and cultural impact of the heritage industry on society and the consequences of preservation initiatives.
Yasmine Ipek's profile photo
Research Interest: Nationalism, ethnicity, and sectarianism; power, inequality and political movements; immigration and Islamic humanitarianism; ethics; affect and temporality; Turkey, Lebanon, the Middle East
Justine Issavi's profile photo
Research Interest: Archaeological theory, Neolithic, Central Anatolian societies, spatial analysis, sociality of space
E'lana Jordan's profile photo
Research Interest: Human-environment interactions that lead to the cause and spread of infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis and malaria, in Latin America
Saree Kayne's profile photo
Research Interest: anthropology of elites, anthropology of sport, the Olympic Games, liberal humanism, neoliberalism
Claudia Liuzza's profile photo
Research Interest: Cultural diversity, the complexity of human communication and human behaviors, in relation with interdisciplinary topics such as a sense of heritage, heritage interpretation and cultural consciousness in different contexts of contemporary and ancient societies
Vivian Chenxue Lu's profile image
Research Interest: Capitalism, mobility, the Global South, secessionism, Africa, Nigeria, race and gender, creativity and value
Amrapali Maitra's profile photo
Research Interest: Medical anthropology, mental illness, narratives of illness, trauma, gender and development, chronic violence, economies of sex, South Asia, subjectivity, postcoloniality
Johanna Markkula's profile photo
Research Interest: Maritime anthropology, human mobility, globalization, environmental displacement, intercultural relations, coastlines as frontlines
Anthony Medina's profile photo
Research Interest: Anthropology of Cuba, Caribbean Studies, Marketization, Globalization, Criminality, Economic Liberalization
John Moran's profile image
Research Interest: place, water management, natural history, climatological racism, internal homonationalism, bioregionalism, ecofeminism, rural identities, white identities, southern literature, creative writing, queer theory, oral history, Florida, U.S. South
Luis Muro's profile photo
Research Interest: Social Encounters, Funerary Rituals, Ceremonial Practices, Ideology and Power in Andean complex societies during Pre-Hispanic times. Cultural Heritage, Community Development, Sustainable Preservation.
Sabrina Papazian's profile photo
Research Interest: Heritage and museum management, tourism, heritage and conflict, diasporas and identity, globalization, and the trade in illicit antiquities
Young Su Park's profile photo
Research Interest: Medical Anthropology, Global Health; Historicity, Temporality, Care, Asian Modernities; East Africa (Ethiopia)
Dana Phelps's profile photo
Research Interest: cultural heritage, marginalized communities, narratives of development, nature-culture-human interactions, post-conflict societies, UNESCO World Heritage sites and politics, and traditional knowledge and livelihoods.
Karem Said's profile photo
Research Interest: Urban anthropology, gender, digital technologies, political anthropology, and forms of egalitarianism
Nethra Samarawickrema's profile photo
Research Interest: Indian Ocean Trade, gold and gem trading networks, trust and risk, credit and debt, transnational capital flows, Sri Lanka, South India, Hong Kong and Singapore
ashveer singh
Research Interest: Universal Identification Authority of India, STS, the politics of welfare, state planning and governance, knowledge production, East Punjab
Tomonori Sugimoto's profile photo
Research Interest: Colonialism and postcolonialism, race and ethnicity, indigeneity, historical anthropology, and cultural studies
Kathryn Takabvirwa's profile photo
Research Interest: The negotiation of power, meaning, and membership between individuals and the state; the notion of “representation” of the (post-colonial African) state; as well as resistance, identity and labeling – particularly in the governance of migration
Research Interest: Estonia, e-government, nationalism, the Baltics, digital anthropology
profile image placeholder
Research Interest: Proto-historic period (1500-1750) of the Navajo or Dine’, an Athabaskan tribe of the Four Corners area
ciara wirth
Research Interest: cognition, learning, epistemology, local ecological knowledge, ethnobiology, ethnozoology
Lauren Yapp's profile photo
Research Interest: cultural heritage, memory politics, cities and urban development, community activism and social movements, heritage diplomacy, colonial and postcolonial history, Indonesia