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Cordelia Erickson-Davis

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Cordelia Erickson-Davis

Dissertation Writer
Research Interests: 
STS, medical anthropology, translational neuroscience, phenomenology, psychophysics, regulatory science, medical devices, virtual and augmented reality


An MD/PhD student in the Cultural and Social Anthropology track, I am interested in practicing social science research that enacts an experimental approach and is rooted in collaborative engagement. In my dissertation work I focus on neurostimulation technology (e.g., deep brain stimulation, visual prostheses) and explore how various institutional relationships involved in the production of these devices manifest in individual experience. As part of this project I am working with electrical engineers and vision scientists to develop a method that can reliably match perceptual reports with physiological and behavioral data in order to produce a more holistic description of visual experience.

My work is at the intersections of science and technology, critical medical anthropology, psychological anthropology, and the neurosciences. Before coming to Stanford, I studied neuroscience and behavior at Mount Holyoke College and received my MPH from Columbia University.