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Chun-Yu Wang

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Chun-Yu Wang

Second Year Cohort
Research Interests: 
I am interested in the transfer of technology and the politics of infrastructure of downstream oil and gas industry in East and Southeast Asia, with my current research focus on the petro-development, governance, and resistance in Malaysia.


My current project attempts to look at downstream oil and gas development controversies and environmental activism in semi-democratic and multi-ethnic Malaysia and Singapore, from the perspectives of political anthropology, environmental anthropology, and the anthropology of science. Building upon my master thesis The Anti-Petroleum Complex Movement in Pengerang, Malaysia (2011-2015), I wish to explore the complex political, economic, social, and cultural roles that the nascent oil and gas industry had played in the British colonial period, and the intricate relationships between the nation-building and market-making processes of these Southeast Asian strong states and the advancement of oil and gas industry in the post-colonial period, with a special focus on the history of technology and the politics of infrastructure. Prior to joining Stanford, I received my MA in anthropology (2016) and a double degree in public health and sociology (2012) from National Taiwan University.