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Annalisa Bolin

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Annalisa Bolin

Dissertation Writer
Research Interests: 
Cultural, natural, and difficult heritage; conflict and post-conflict societies; heritage politics and ethics; memory; nations and states; development, aid, and policy; Rwanda and Great Lakes Africa


Annalisa Bolin is an anthropological archaeologist focusing on post-conflict heritage. Her research examines how states use heritage for nation-building, development, and international relations, especially after war, violence, and genocide.  Her dissertation, "A Country without Culture is Destroyed: Making Rwanda and Rwandans through Heritage," investigates how the Rwandan state mobilizes heritage as a post-genocide rebuilding mechanism for the nation, especially to prevent the recurrence of violence, while simultaneously deploying heritage to change the country's place in international post-colonial and post-conflict power dynamics. As a whole, her research argues for the relevance of heritage not only to culture, identity, and nationhood, but also to the politics of international power. She holds an MA in Cultural Heritage Management from the University of York and a BA in Archaeology and French Studies from Wesleyan University.