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Andrew Bauer

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Field of Interest(s)
Archaeological Method and Theory
Archaeology of Politics
Environmental Archaeology
Political Ecology
Space, Place, and Landscape
Spatial Archaeometry
South Asia
Andrew Bauer is an anthropological archaeologist whose research and teaching interests broadly focus on the archaeology of human-environment relations, including the socio-politics of land use and both symbolic and material aspects of producing spaces, places, and landscapes. Andrew's primary research is based in South India, where he co-directs fieldwork investigating the relationships between landscape history, cultural practices, and institutionalized forms of social inequalities and difference during the region’s Neolithic, Iron Age, Early Historic, and Medieval periods. As an extension of his archaeological work he is also interested in the intersections of landscape histories and modern framings of nature that relate to conservation politics and climate change.
Andrew Bauer