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Andrew Bauer


Andrew Bauer

Ph.D. University of Chicago, 2010
Research Interests: 
Political Ecology, Nature/Culture, Environmental Anthropology, Materiality, Space/Place/Landscape, Archaeological Theory, South Asia


Andrew Bauer is an anthropological archaeologist whose research and teaching interests broadly focus on the archaeology of human-environment relations, including the socio-politics of land use and both symbolic and material aspects of producing spaces, places, and landscapes. Andrew's primary research is based in South India, where he co-directs fieldwork investigating the relationships between landscape history, cultural practices, and institutionalized forms of social inequalities and difference during the region’s Neolithic, Iron Age, Early Historic, and Medieval periods. As an extension of his archaeological work he is also interested in the intersections of landscape histories and modern framings of nature that relate to conservation politics and climate change.

A selection of Andrew Bauer's publications is accessible at the following:

Selected Articles

2020  Ritualizing land and cultivating distinctions: Medieval Period donative practices and a political ecology of the Raichur Doab. In Power, Presence, and Space: South Asian Rituals in Archaeological Context, edited by H. Albery, J-U Hartmann, and H.P. Ray, pp. 233-237. London: Routledge.

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2019   The Maski Archaeological Research Project (2010-2018): Initial results from a multi-period interdisciplinary project on the Raichur Doab. Current Science 117: 46-56. (coauthored with P. Johansen)

2018   Questioning a posthumanist political ecology: Ontologies, environmental materialities, and the political in Iron Age South India. In Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association 29: 157-174. Washington DC.

2018   Remote sensing soils and social geographies of difference: The landscape archaeology of regur from Iron Age through Medieval Period northern Karnataka, southern India. Journal of Field Archaeology 43 (1): 31-43 

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2015/16   Questioning the Anthropocene and its silences: Socioenvironmental history and the climate crisis. Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities 3: 403-426.

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2013   The Maski Archaeological Research Project: Investigating the long term dynamics of settlement, politics, and environmental history in ancient South India. Antiquity 87 (336). (coauthored with P. Johansen)

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