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Allison Kendra

allison kendra

Allison Kendra

Dissertation Writer
Research Interests: 
Landscapes, materiality, capitalism, the state, development, feminist theory, decolonial theory, Latin America, Peru


My research investigates the politics, materialities, and everyday processes involved in re-making social and environmental landscapes through forced interventions. In my dissertation research, I study these re-makings as they are enacted in the war on drugs’ “alternative development” programs, which eradicate farmers’ drug crops and encourage licit, export-based crops (so-called “crops for peace”) in their place. These programs represent not only a unique form of “development”, but also the intertwined drug war and Cold War politics that have driven US military operations in Latin America since the 1980s. Situating this research in the human and more-than-human landscapes where these programs have been implemented in Peru’s Andes-Amazon region, I consider the mechanisms through which state and capitalist efforts seek to impose order and control in post-conflict zones, and their in vivo intra-actions and vulnerabilities. While relations of power are often defined in terms of external actors, violence, and illicit activity in these contexts, this research investigates these relations as intra-acted and emergent, while attending to intersections across categories of race, class, and gender. I received a BS in Biochemistry, BA in Chemistry and BA in Studio Art from the College of Charleston in 2011 and worked as an educator and researcher in the fields of environmental science and ethnobotany before coming to Stanford.