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Aaron Neiman

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Aaron Neiman

In the Field
Research Interests: 
medical anthropology, STS, FSS, psychiatry, anthropology of the state, TMS, depression, genomics, race, gender, computing, Artificial Intelligence


My areas of interest include anthropology of the state, psychiatry, genomics, computing, and social and feminist studies of science. My undergraduate research focused on the sexual and racial politics of admixture genomics, and sought to understand the relationship between macro-level geopolitical and economic forces and the minutiae that comprise scientific studies. I further investigate these questions in relation to the human genome in my fellowship with the Center for Integration of Research on Genetics and Ethics. In particular, I am interested in understanding how pre-theoretical assumptions about race, gender, and mental health are built into scientific studies of genomic psychiatry. I am also interested in investigating other emergent depression treatments. In particular, I seek to analyze the rise of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in the shadow of ECT, and to ask how depressed people are constituted as political subjects in this research.

Before coming to Stanford, I received my BA in Medical Anthropology and Political Philosophy from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.