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Graduate Student Organization


All anthropology graduate students are automatically members of the Graduate Student Organization, which is the primary means by which students keep themselves informed of, and participate in, department decision making and activities. Graduate students are expected to participate regularly in the GSO’s quarterly meetings, annual town hall, and other events.

About the GSO Representatives

The Anthropology Graduate Student Organization Representatives advocates for graduate students within Stanford’s Anthropology department and the university as a whole. It serves as a liaison between the department’s students, faculty, and staff; forms a sounding board for issues of collective concern; connects students with appropriate university resources; and coordinates other student-driven actions.

The responsibilities of the GSO reps include:

  • Holding quarterly student meetings
  • Organizing the annual student-faculty town hall
  • Attending monthly faculty meetings and distributing notes to students
  • Contributing to the campus visit weekend for accepted students
  • The First-year Ph.D. student mentoring program
  • Maintaining the GSO email listserv and other communications

GSO Representatives

Research interest:
labor, (im)migration, affect, gender, the body, embodiment, United States, Brazil
Research interest:
Religion, Nation-State, Indigeneity, Violence, Latin America
Research interest:
Law, sovereignty, violence, policing, labour, gender, care, India, South Asia