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Lynn Meskell receives the A.D. White Professor-at-large at Cornell University

portrait of AD White
source: Cornell University
Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Lynn Meskell was recently named the AD White Professor-at-Large from Cornell University, a six-year term effective July 1, 2019.  Established to honor its first president, Andrew Dickenson White, the program appoints a group of individuals, from both America and abroad, who have achieved high international distinction in the various areas of science and scholarship as well as in the learned professions, public affairs, literature, and the creative arts. There are only two A. D. White Professors-at-Large in Humanities, the other one held by Bruno Latour.

At any one time, up to twenty outstanding intellectuals from across the globe hold the title of Andrew Dickson White Professor-at-Large and are considered full members of the Cornell faculty. During the six-year term of appointment, each Professor visits Cornell while classes are in session during the academic year. The activities they engage in benefit both students and faculty.  Among such activities are public lectures, office hours with undergraduate and graduate students, specialized seminars, collaborative research with members of the faculty, consultation on student theses, undergraduate research projects, laboratory work, and a wealth of informal discussions with Cornell colleagues and students. Being named an Andrew Dickson White Professor-at-Large ranks among an academic’s most eminent distinctions and honors.