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Tanya Marie Luhrmann elected to the American Philosophical Society

Tanya Marie Luhrmann, the Albert Ray Lang Professor in the Department of Anthropology in the School of Humanities and Sciencesis among 37 scholars elected to the oldest learned society in the United States. The focus of Luhrmann’s research is how people represent thought, and how these representations can affect what people sense and take to be real.



Çatalhöyük skeletons draw museum visitors

Human skeletons unearthed during excavations at the 9,000 year-old ancient settlement of Çatalhöyük are on display at the Archaeology Museum in the Central Anatolian province of Konya. The well-preserved skeletons of a one-year-old baby and an adult have proven especially popular among visitors. The skull, which is believed to be female, is the museum’s only “plastered” skull. Examinations have revealed that the skull was plastered on more than one occasion which led archaeologists to think the skull could have been displayed somewhere before being buried. 

No wars in Çatalhöyük for 4,000 years

Since 1993, professor Ian Hodder has been conducting the excavation of the 9,000 year-old Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in central Turkey. Through this work, he and his teams of archeaologists have unearthed findings related to eating and nutrition habits, social structure, and business relations in Çatalhöyük. For 4,000 years, people lived without any war or conflict and succeeded in sharing a life in peace and creating a very good example for modern societies.


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