Writing for Digital Natives? From Pencil to Pixel

Mon May 11th 2020, 10:00am
Via Zoom, Meeting ID 921 7753 5402
Please Note: This brown bag is password protected.  If you did not receive the flyer to this brown bag but would like to attend, please contact the brown bag coordinators.  
Presenter:  Jess Auerbach

In this talk I will share and explore the motivation between writing my recent book 'for digital natives' From Water to Wine: Becoming Middle Class in Angola. Covid-19 makes even more clear the need to reassess both how and why we tell certain stories, and to whom. The book was conceived as a text for teaching both research methods and ethics, and argues for writing that is sensory, embodied, and political. Its focus on beauty, on the senses, and on success in a country that is often imagined as close to a failed state, and challenges many of the conventions of academic writing. Through the use of multimedia, cartoons, poetry and more, it tries to present a more multidimensional experience of a city that many readers may not have ever encountered before in a way that is explicitly aimed at increasing compassion and political action.