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Anthropology Diploma and Awards Ceremony 2021-2022


Department of Anthropology, Diploma and Awards Ceremony - For Graduating Students

The deadline, on or by May 15th, to submit the Commencement Walkthrough Petition form (located at is for students who may not be actually graduating in the Spring Quarter and who seek approval to ‘walk-through’ the department ceremony ‘as if’ graduating (i. e. wearing robes, receiving a diploma cover and department recognition of the near-to-completion graduating status). Students with permission to walkthrough the department ceremony will be included in the Department Diploma and Awards Ceremony program.

*Please note that the Walkthrough Petition is NOT a Stanford University Registrar application to graduate nor is it a petition to withdraw an application to graduate. For Spring Quarter degree conferral, all students must submit the Stanford University Registrar’s application to graduate via AXESS (located at by the published deadline. Information can be found at:

Students should complete the Commencement Walkthrough Petition form and return to the relevant Student Services Officer, Tina Jeon, for graduating B.A or Co-terminal and terminal M.A. students, or Shelly Coughlan, for graduating Ph.D. students on or by May 15th via email (.pdf file attachment).

The Department of Anthropology’s minimum requirements for approval of a student’s Commencement Walkthough Petition form are as follows:

B.A. students should have completed at least 160 units and confirmed faculty advisor approval.
M.A. students should have completed at least 36 units and confirmed faculty advisor approval.
Ph.D. students must have “ABD” status, TGR enrollment (Graduation Quarter Petition submission, if appropriate), and Dissertation Reading Committee Advisor approval.

Department of Anthropology, Diploma and Awards Ceremony - General Information

LOCATION – The department ceremony takes place at the New Guinea Sculpture Gardens, located between Roble Drive and Lomita Drive at Santa Teresa Street.

TIME – Graduates and guests begin to arrive to the main ceremony venue from 11:45am. Everyone should be seated by 12:15pm. The ceremony will begin at 12:30pm and will last until approximately 1:30pm.

FOOD – The department provides catered hors d’oeuvres and refreshments after the diploma and awards ceremony beginning at 1:30pm, directly following the ceremony.

PROCESSION – There is no procession at the beginning of the department ceremony. Graduates should be seated at the start of the program and, upon direction from a staff member, will rise when their name is called to receive the diploma.

GRADUATES SEATING – All graduates will be seated directly in front of the lecturn/podium. Graduates are seated in alphabetical order according to degree (Ph.D., M.A., B.A). Upon arrival to the garden, please look for the chair with your name card on it. If you cannot find a chair with your name, find a staff member immediately.

DISABILITY-RELATED ACCOMODATIONS- If disability-related accommodation or access information is needed, please review the information located at

GENERAL SEATING/TICKETS – Tickets are not required and there is no reserved seating. The Department and Diploma and Awards Ceremony is open, festival-style seating 

CAP, GOWN, and REGALIA – Please order your cap and gown from Stanford Bookstore, or other entity by the published deadline. Regarding Regalia, the Social Sciences is represented by a White Hood

PHOTOGRAPHY – There will be no professional photography at the event, but photography during the ceremony is allowed.

NAME PRONUNCIATION – If a student is interested in providing information regarding their name and correct pronunciation, please use the NameCoarch function associated with AXESS

RESTROOMS AND ACCESSIBILITY – The Thornton Center (Terman Annex) is located at 379 Santa Teresa Street. Accessible restrooms are centrally located (by the elevator).

Regarding Disability-Related Accommodations and Services, for disability-related accommodation or wheelchair access information, please submit a request for accommodation to by 27 May 2022.