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Cultures, Minds, and Medicines Seminar Series

How does culture shape the experience of thinking and feeling, the way humans relate to the world and to others? This graduate level course, taught by a psychologist who studies emotion (Jeanne Tsai) and an anthropologist who studies mind (Tanya Marie Luhrmann), explores the way that living in social worlds deeply shapes what seem to be basic processes. We explore what we know about the cultural variations in emotional experience, and about the effect of different representations of minds and persons. We will also discuss what can be learned about the way culture shapes experience through different methods. Readings include Geertz, Markus, D’Andrade, Lutz, Ekman, Elfenbein, Levy, Cassaniti, Rosaldo, Briggs, Gross, Wierzbiecka and Luhrman and Tsai.