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Graduate Forms and References


Graduate Program Committee Petition form
First and Second Summer Quarter, Pre-dissertation Degree Requirements and Proposal Advisor Approval form
Third, Fourth, and Fifth Year Summer Quarter, Dissertation Research and Writing Requirements and Dissertation Reading Committee Advisor Approval form
Graduate Language Committee Petition form
Ph.D. Student Request for Incidental or Discretionary Funding form
Ph.D. Minor Request form
Supplemental Funding Request form
University Application for Candidacy for Doctoral Degree

Best Practices

Best Practice Reference for Academic Advising: Guidelines for Graduate Students and Faculty
Best Practice Reference, Doctoral Qualifying Examinations for Area and Topic
Best Practice Reference, Global Research and Graduate Student Check-out for Field Research
Best Practice Reference for hosting the Oral Component of third-year Qualification Exam using Zoom
Best Practice Reference, Conducting your dissertation over Zoom


First-year Ph.D., Ph.D. minor, or M.A. Plan of Study form
Entering First-year Ph.D., Ph.D. minor, or M.A. Report on Time to Degree Completion fom
Dissertation Defense Checklist & Final Draft Approval of Dissertation form
Third Year Dissertation Proposal Meeting form
Fifth Year Ph.D. Student Dissertation Writer’s Report of Time to Degree Completion from
Fourth Year Ph.D. ,Graduate Report on Time to Degree Completion form
Second Year Ph.D. , Graduate Report of Degree Progress and Candidacy Evaluation form
Third year Cohort, Ph.D. Student Report of Qualifying Examination and Associated Oral Component Meeting Status
University Doctoral Dissertation Reading Committee form


Anthropology Graduate Program Flyer
Anthropology Ph.D. Student Guide
Terminal MA and Coterminal Program Guide