(Image credit: Courtesy Cangdong Village Project)

Barbara Voss investigates migration and gender in home and diasporic villages

The Cangdong Village Project is collaborative research program studying the home villages of Chinese migrants.

20th-century artistic reproduction of a 7th-century fresco from the Ajanta caves of the Hindu king Pulikesin II receiving an envoy from the Persian king Khusru...

Serkan Yolacan collaborates on a project that opens a new inquiry in political anthropology

A collaborative project that studies two ubiquitous figures of the 21st century: strongman and informal diplomat.

Tanya Luhrmann works with researchers and fieldworkers on The Mind and Spirit project

The Mind and Spirit project asks how the local social world shapes the way people understand and experience invisible things, like gods, spirits, thoughts and mind itself.

Anthropology is devoted to the study of human beings and human societies as they exist across time and space.

I wanted to study anthropology because I am interested in how people make sense of their life experiences. When we pay close attention to the way that people live in the world - how society is structured, how illness is encountered, how the past lives in the present, how people tell stories about their experiences - then we emerge with a much more nuanced and rounded understanding of humanity
Rachael Healy
2nd year graduate student

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Barbara L. Voss examines what a fragment of a rice bowl says about constructions of gender and family in the Chinese diaspora

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